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I'm a Northwest Arkansas writer focused on writing thrillers. My first two novels are a bit on the creepy side but both are an exciting read. A good story transports readers to places they may never tread and puts them in the middle of a problem they hope never to be in...which is half the fun. I'm not a social activist or push any particular agenda; I write stories simply to entertain. That's not to say my novels are shallow, far from it, I just like to give my readers the option of reading the lines or the space between. You can keep up with me and my work right here, as this website represents the entirety of my "social media."

If you've read my work, I'd love to hear from you. I read ALL my emails and appreciate every comment, criticism, and suggestion but would also appreciate a review on Amazon if you have time and are so inclined. You can reach me through the Contact page on this website.

Your email will NOT be sold or used for marketing; believe me, I hate spam as much as you do. If, however, you'd like to know when I release another book, I'm happy to do it.

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